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Why Essential Oils?


The environment is changing and so are we. Essential Oils are 50-70x more powerful than herbs and may help upgrade our body’s operating system so that we can better adapt to new environmental challenges and thrive.


Essential oils are a plant’s natural defense mechanism against pathogens, fungus, bacteria, parasites and more. As we have evolved so have they and the chemical compounds they create can also assist to boost our immunity. For instance did you know that in terms of antioxidant capacity, taking 1 drop of clove essential oil is equal to eating 2 quarts of blueberries?


Emotions are created by chemicals that are released in the body. The chemicals that create the feeling of grief are different than those of elation. While most essential oils contribute to better moods, discover which plants affect which moods instantly and effectively in the bonus oils class.


Certain essentials oils pass through the blood/brain barrier and oxygenate the cells, positively affecting the pituitary gland which regulates most other hormone-secreting glands and can safely help to release euphoric chemicals in the body, naturally increasing libido.


Free your body of fake estrogens (from plastics) quickly and easily through one simple technique that cleanses your liver and helps to balance your hormones.


With an unregulated industry, most manufacturers derive their essential oils from third party wholesalers often filling their EO products with fillers so that only 2-3% of the product is real essential oil. dōTERRA has direct relationships with 18,000 farmers in 43 different countries and is used by Harvard educated Doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies because of its vigorous testing methods and purity.

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